1 How to become the fund investor?

To register at, enter your personal account with your personal data that you indicated for registration. Go to Investing page and and recharge the credit. Deposit shall be in your personal account after 3 approvals (BTC). The first interests charge shall be in 24 hours after approval of the deposit.
Now investments can be made in Bitcoin crypto currency only.
Not now. In future when the required title documents and confidential management licenses are made and obtained, we shall take investments in money.
Bitcoin crypto currency(BTC) can be purchased in e-currency exchangers, full list of which with best exchange rates are available at exchange service -
Now you can invest from 0.001 to 0.01 Btc. In the work process the limits shall be extended.
Yes, there is. Your reference shall be available after registration in your personal account.
Target client of the fund - is a person who understands potential of crypto currency market and wants to invest in it, but as he or she is too busy and (or) does not have experience, he or she can’t assess block chain actives, rebalance package and trade on exchanges independently.
Yes, we do. Personal information of our investors can not be transferred to third persons.
Yes, it is
Minimum withdrawal amount is 0,0005 btc

Naturally our project is not an all-prize lottery. Our business always includes risks. But the question is to cover the risks, but to minimize them. We and our business model are aimed right at this. Risks minimization strategy includes several components:

the first one – analytics team being responsible for the project and continuously working with risks of different levels - both short and long term ones;

second – we have a specific investment strategy (5 criteria) providing minimization of risks in this direction;

third – diversity in work, first of all – with investments. We strictly keep the balance between short term investments that shall bring profit in the nearest future already, and long term investments that are the foundation for stability and strategic development. Simply said if we have any financial problems with any startup, then we could compensate it with profits from other ones.

fourth – CCC8 project is based on personal investments of its owners who are also the company founders. These means make 100% of initial Ccc8 investments in startups and in accordance with the company documents, percentage of owners in operation investment activity shall never be less than 51% of the total amount of investments that can be attracted by the company. Thus the founders of our company are not only the guarantors of its activity, but maintain stability of payments for investors, guaranteeing the investments with their own ones as well.

fifth – we continuously negotiate both with new startups and investment and venture funds, startup incubators and large companies with interest in IT to attract them to cooperation and financial support as well, including credit and investment one, and possibly ICO and IPO in future too.

All of this is reflected in our business model and everyday works. Keep an eye on the project and become our investor to know how it works and to make sure personally that it is possible to outearn with future technologies today.