General provisions

  1. These rules are binding on all registered users of the Company's website.
  2. Creation an account means full agreement with the Rules. The company reserves the right to make changes to the rules at its own discretion and without prior agreement with investors. In case of violation of these regulations, the company may apply measures to the violator, from a written warning to the complete blocking of his account.
  3. The company has the right to make changes to the investment proposals without prior notice.
  4. The company has copyright and intellectual rights to information materials, software and design of the site. Any unauthorized copying of the content is prohibited and will be prosecuted.
  5. The company has the right to block the user's account in the following cases:
    1. Creation multi-accounts from a single IP address;
    2. Creation an account using your own referral link for financial gain;
    3. Investor's use of malicious SOFTWARE in order to harm the site or cause material damage to other users;
    4. Using fraudulent schemes and other people's payment details;
    5. Providing false information at registration or at the request of the site administration.
  6. The company is not responsible for:
    1. Actual or indirect losses of the user connected with the decisions made by him on use of this or that investment plan;
    2. Losses related to the voluntary change of the investment plan;
    3. Losses incurred due to technical reasons on the part of the user;
    4. Losses associated with incorrect operation of payment systems or incorrect indication of payment details
    5. Losses resulting from force majeure.

Obligations and rights of investors

  1. The investor has the right to use all the opportunities provided by the company to make investments and generate income.
  2. The investor has the right to refuse to cooperate if the company's activities are contrary to the laws of the country of his residence or in case of disagreement with any points of the current rules.
  3. The investor confirms that he has reached the age of majority at the time of account creation.
  4. The investor is obliged to independently solve the issues related to the taxation rules of the national legislation.
  5. The investor is obliged to provide accurate information necessary for the registration and identification of an individual.
  6. The investor is responsible for specifying the correct payment details when withdrawing personal funds.
  7. The investor has the right to become a member of the referral program and receive remuneration according to the rules of the affiliate program.
  8. The investor is responsible for carrying out any transactions and cannot claim damages that have arisen for the reasons set out above.
  9. The investor is obliged to adhere to the execution of all points of the rules throughout the period of cooperation.

Company Guarantees

  1. The company guarantees the fulfillment of financial obligations from the moment of opening a deposit in accordance with the investment rate chosen by the investor.
  2. The company guarantees access to all services as soon as the registration process is completed.
  3. The company guarantees safe storage of personal data of participants of the investment project and their protection from falling into third hands.
  4. The company guarantees timely accrual of dividends and withdrawal of funds to users ' e-wallets.
  5. The company guarantees the accrual of partner remuneration in the amount specified in the referral program, regardless of the availability and size of the deposit.
  6. The company guarantees the correct operation of the site and assistance to investors in case of any questions or difficulties in using the service.
  7. The company guarantees the maintenance of feedback with users through the support service or e-mailing.

Termination of cooperation and resolution of disputes

  1. Each project participant independently determines the terms of cooperation with the company and can terminate it at any time without prior notice and explanation.
  2. The company terminates cooperation with the user only on the basis of the reasons set out in paragraph 5 of the General provisions.
  3. The emergence of conflicts or disputes between the investor and the company should be settled in the course of negotiations, and if it is impossible to find a consensus, the issue is transferred to the field of law and resolved within the framework of international law in court.